Life Crisis & Change

Help with Life Crisis, Career Change,  the Big Questions?

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Dealing with a divorce, a major financial challenge, a compelling desire (or practical need) to change careers? Going through one of those times in life when you struggle to find meaning and direction?

I can help you:

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    • Come to terms with a major setback or upset
    • Accept responsibility for your part, if any, without continuing on with a perpetual self-recrimination.
    • Identify the key lessons and opportunities that often come from crisis.

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  • Create your own roadmap to a future that is aligned with your values and realistic constraints.
  • Create a specific, values-based, risk-managed career transformation program and take action.
  • Reflect on the existential journey, the search for meaning, and the critical evaluation of some of the criteria by which you may be judging yourself, others, and the challenge of being human.

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