Couples in Conflict

Couples – are the two of you in conflict? Let me help you transform your relationship. If you are both ready to give conflict counseling a try you can achieve:

  • Improved communication
  • Mutual respect
  • A stronger, happier bond.

DSC_8411 (848x1280)I will immediately begin to show you how to avoid and repair the pitfalls that damage relationships.

You will learn to get beyond habitual arguments, demeaning communication, and suppressed feelings, and to deal with apparent stalemates. You CAN learn to manage conflict, get reconnected and restore a vibrant and enduring relationship.

Are one or both of you simply not clear about moving forward together?

It takes a commitment from both to do the serious work of rebuilding a relationship. IF ONE OR BOTH OF YOU DON’T KNOW IF ITS WORTH IT, you can, together or individually, undertake a short, highly intensive process of CLARITY COUNSELING to explore the pros and cons of working together and to assure that each of you have considered the most important emotional, ethical and practical considerations of your next steps. Please see the page: “Split Up-Divorce?”.


I use the best approaches from counseling and conflict resolution but my clients, working individually or as couples, also enjoy a collaborative, good-humored style of problem solving, learning, and reinvention. A 30 minute consultation is on me – I like nothing more than meeting people and talking about how to solve problems and achieve goals. Call me at 208-640-3323 and take action for change.


I believe that all individuals (and couples) have great capacity for self-determination, better health, and growth, though this journey is often very difficult. My approach involves strong emotional support, continuous learning, challenging limits, collaborative problem solving, and achieving growth and transformation.

Please see other pages for my other highly personalized practice areas, including meeting health challenges/caretaking roles (especially in couples and family settings) and major life crises, challenges and transitions.

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