Counseling Services

Are you suffering from a breakdown in communication and/or conflict with your spouse/partner? If both are committed to best efforts you can re-establish communication and respect. Struggling to find your identity, mission and purpose in life or facing a significant career or life transition challenge? You can create a roadmap for survival and success.

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I help couples learn how to communicate with respect and to address specific challenges including: deciding whether to commit to rebuilding their relationship, surviving an affair, navigating blended family issues, setting financial priorities, and parenting adult children. Gender stereotypes are dangerous but I often find myself I helping women set boundaries and speak out; I often help men learn to actually listen.


I work with adults to meet critical life challenges, including divorce, career upheaval, “midlife crisis,” and other major issues with greater philosophical consciousness, alignment with core values, and a specific plan of action. In addressing major life challenges, I help my clients get grounded, think things through carefully, integrate professional and other advice, act with deliberation, and strive for the best outcomes for all concerned.


In all my work I emphasize taking an ethical stance, making and fulfilling commitments, respecting the values of others, and taking action that is aligned with both head and heart. I collaborate on philosophical inquiry (what truly matters here? How does the world work and what stand do I take?).

You will enjoy working with me if: you are dedicated to change; open of mind; concerned about living an ethical and spiritually rich life; excited about ideas, and; committed to thoughtful action (doing homework).

I bring a collaborative approach, a willingness to challenge appropriately, and a sense of humor. I draw on a checkered background in counseling, mediation, applied research, business and law to provide the most expansive and integrative service to clients.


I begin each relationship with a free consultation to assure that we both (all) think there is a good fit. I also provide counseling and coaching by phone (no insurance coverage). I invite you to visit my website and give me a call.

Please see other pages for details on my highly personalized practice areas, including couples in conflictmeeting health challenges/caretaking roles (especially in couples and family settings) and major life crises, challenges and transitions.

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